Sunday, April 15, 2007

sketchy 104

I thought it was time to try and do a character of my own creation - enter Chuck, a buff dude with a heart of gold.
A primary goal with this illustration was to have a sense of lighting and also a sense of warmth with the character, which i guess is always achieved through the eyes. Again, experimenting more with different brush stroke angles and varying levels of detail in the brush work to help with focus.

As with the last post, this one started life as a pencil sketch which was then painted, leaving parts of the pencil behind to add a nice, scratchy and loose detail. Prior to hitting the oil brush i thought it would be good to see how a real painter approaches the colour work - it was pretty much what i assumed and reassured me that doing a painting of any kind (digital or real), is going to take a little while.

Ive saved some work in progress images too. This time round i opted to do a little post grade with Photoshop, just a darkening of the corners and subtle balance of the levels.

Tools: ArtRage2; Oil, Pencil, Knife. Photoshop; Curves, vignette.
Time: Around 3 hours.


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