Saturday, April 7, 2007

sketchy 101

Let the sketchy sketching begin.

Scott put me onto this really great little painting app named ArtRage2 which only costs $25AUD! So I thought it was time to test out the new drawing tablet and sketch something.

This is a copy (not a trace) of a photograph taken a few years ago. I opted to try the oil tools for the first effort which certainly proved tricky as the photograph contained a lot of blurry background detail which I found very challenging to replicate using oil tools.
For the first few efforts, I plan on copying photographs which I have taken.

The goal with this image was to match the composition, lighting and colours. This image was chosen as the detail level was quite low and the colour contrast was very high.

My biggest issue is with the window. I really struggled to get this looking right owing to the level of 'blur' present in the original photograph, though am happy with the overall result.


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